Drivers drunk driving and other red lights fell asleep million would like to settle the arrest

The traffic police knocked the glass to wake up the man
White Mercedes car parked on the road, traffic police knocking glass wake up the man. According to the red light on the drink, and even stepping on the brakes fell asleep on the road; to the hospital to do blood wine test, and hide in the toilet, but also with millions of people, Yuan bribe traffic police seeking "let go". Yesterday, the man was suspected of drunken driving, has been the lake traffic police brigade to take coercive measures. The scene of the green light, a white Mercedes was stopped at the intersection did not move, followed by waiting for the car soon Lined up in a long queue. Behind the driver aware of the wrong, get off to see this white Mercedes car, I saw the car did not turn off, driving the man head against the seat, eyes closed. No matter how people knock glass, shouting, the man did not respond, we had to report the police. Lake traffic police brigade Jiang head squadron police arrived soon, the traffic police hand beat the car glass, but the man still did not respond. Worried about the man accident, the traffic police are ready to smash the window, the man suddenly moved, and the car also followed forward slipped a section. Traffic police to judge, this car is also hanging forward forward block, and the man's foot to step on the brakes, once the control, it is likely to lead to serious traffic accidents. Fortunately, the man gradually woke up, opened the window, the traffic police to smell the strong wine, and immediately let him turn off the vehicle. He was trying to hide in the toilet, but still was the traffic police "please" out, the final pumping. The police sent the hospital to the hospital for blood test, he tried to hide in the toilet, but still the traffic police "please" out, the final pumping Blood wine measured as "158", far more than drunk driving standards. The investigation, the man surnamed Xiao, 27 years old, doing business in Xiamen. In the lake traffic police brigade sober, the man tried to bribe the handling of the case of the traffic police. According to the traffic police, the man had asked the traffic police, "how many? 1 million? 2 million?" I think it can use money "settle" the matter, let the traffic police let him leave. According to Xiaomou's argument, that night he and his friends to Jiangtou a large stall to drink wine, originally called "on behalf of driving", but the other delay, but he was so anxious to drive out of their own. Not far out of the food stalls far, they encountered the traffic lights at the SM junction, the day before the lack of sleep with Jiujin up, he wanted to squint in the seat for a while, did not expect to actually fell asleep, until others knocked the glass before he wake. Xiaomou wake up after this is very upset, that he still has a very important business to talk about, repeatedly asked, "Can not tell?" Last night, the reporter learned from the lake traffic police brigade, Xiaomou wine Measured over the drunk driving standards, the police have been subject to mandatory measures according to law.

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